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Log On to LGIS and Review Contact Details

Step-by-Step Instructions

Notes: These training videos were created the fall of 2015. The content of each screen is subject to change over time; therefore, when you are in LGIS, some of the screens may look slightly different, but the functions remain the same unless otherwise noted.

For optimum viewing and functionality of LGIS use Internet Explorer 11.

Welcome to the Local Government Information System, otherwise known as LGIS.

In order to have access to LGIS you must obtain your Business BCeID username from your BCeID Account Manager within your organization, and they in turn must provide your information to the Ministry.

  1. Go to
  2.  Enter your Business BCeID username and password, click Next- every user must have their own login username and password.
  3. The first screen that you see displays your history of logging into LGIS, click Next

    The Welcome Page now displays general information regarding LGIS as well as important Ministry contact information.

If you manage the Budget Forecast Reports (BFRs), Periodic Progress Reports (PPRs) and/or Claims for more than one local government, you will see a pop up with all of the Local Governments that you are responsible for. Choose the name of Local Government that you are completing a form for.

NOTE: To work with another Local Government, you must logoff and on again.

The blue navigation bar on the left side of the screen displays all of the pages that your BCeID authority allows you access to.

  1.  Click on Contact Details on the blue navigation bar.

The Contact Details screen displays the organization’s contact details. It is the organization’s responsibility to keep the Ministry updated on any changes to the details by contacting the Ministry at