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Department Vision


Our vision is a local government system comprised of effective, collaborative and accountable local governments, with the capacity to manage change and provide quality, affordable services in their communities.

Department Mission Statement


The local government department works for the betterment of all British Columbians through partnerships with local governments, provincial and federal agencies, First Nations and other organizations to achieve its vision to:

  • Enable and develop the local government system;
  • Enhance the capacity of local governments to exercise their powers and provide services; and,
  • Ensure public and provincial interests are reflected in the local government system.

Department Values and Principles


In pursuing our objectives, our activities and relationships are shaped by these common values:

  • We believe in the value of democratic local government.
  • We believe British Columbians are best served when all governments work together to resolve issues and co-ordinate programs.
  • We believe that provincial and local governments are more effective, affordable and accountable where there is mutual recognition of the need to balance differing interests and jurisdictions in the pursuit of common goals and interests.
  • We believe that every community and every region is different in terms of economy, geography, objectives and values and that we must be flexible enough to respect and accommodate this diversity.
  • We believe in providing our clients with a consistently high level of service through an appropriate balance of both human and technological resources.


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