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Task Force on Community Opportunities


What is the Task Force?

The Task Force on Community Opportunities was created to explore new approaches to strengthen economic growth and deliver integrated, results-oriented services to communities. The Task Force was to report back to the Union of BC Municipalities annual convention with ways for local governments to work more effectively with each other, with stakeholders and with the provincial government.

The Task Force released its report (645 KB) to the UBCM annual convention on October 24, 2006. Additionally, a number of research papers were produced for the Task Force during 2005.

The Task Force was chaired by the Minister of Community Services, the Honourable Ida Chong. It was a diverse group, representing local government and the business community, and was able to meld ideas and opinions on how to best deliver local government services and grow British Columbia's regional economies for the benefit of all our communities – urban or rural, small or large.

Members of the Task Force (a full list is found in the report itself) included a number of mayors, councillors and regional district directors from all parts of British Columbia. Additionally, there were a number of members from outside government, including representatives from the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council of British Columbia. The Ministry of Community Services provided staff support.

The Task Force set out to focus on the central theme of “making things better in regions and communities by delivering local government services in the best possible way.” To accomplish this, the Task Force makes recommendations that include two broad, forward looking strategic directions:

  • More effective collaboration to improve services and service delivery.
  • Strengthening regional economies to build a basis for sustained economic growth.

Task Force publications:

Main report: Background research reports:

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