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Local Government Act Revision (2015)



The revised Local Government Act (RS2015) came into force on
January 1, 2016.



Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the revised Act are available for download (.PDF, 142KB).  For any further questions about the revision please contact:


Governance and Structure Branch

Tel:. 250 387-4020




Tables of Concordance

Tables of Concordance (ToCs) have been prepared to help readers navigate between the previous version of the Local Government Act (Pre-RS2015) and the current Act (RS2015).


ToCs are lists that connect sections from an old Act to the corresponding sections in a new, newly amended, or revised Act. The Tables can be used to determine specifically where a given section number in an Act resides in the revised version and vice-versa.


Table 1 allows users to find where sections in the current Local Government Act (RS2015) were located in the pre-revision Act (pre-RS2015).  Table 2 allows users to look up sections they are familiar with in the pre-revision Local Government Act (Pre-RS2015) to determine where those sections are now located in the current Act (RS 2015). 


The Tables of Concordance are provided as a public service and should not be viewed as legal documents. The Tables of Concordance do not replace a close and careful reading of the legislation. The ministry assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.


Table 1:
Current version Act (RS2015) - Previous version (pre-RS2015)
Table 2:
Previous version (pre-RS2015) - Current version (RS2015)


Local Government Act (RS 2015)



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