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Unconditional Local Government Grants

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development provides funding to local governments in a number of different ways. Below is a brief outline of the Ministry's annual grant programs for local government.


Small Community Grant
The Small community Grant is an unconditional grant for municipalities to assist them in providing basic services. Grant amounts are based on a formula that factors in a base amount, population and assessment values. These grants generally apply to municipalities with populations up to 19,000.
Regional District Grant
The Regional District Grant is an unconditional grant for regional districts to assist with administration costs. Grant amounts are determined utilizing a formula which incorporates both regional district and rural area populations. Each regional district receives an additional $5,000 for each local community commission in the regional district.


Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing
Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing (TFRS) program is an unconditional grant to municipalities to assist them in ensuring community safety and addressing community specific strategic priorities. 

The TFRS returns 100% of net revenues from traffic violations to municipalities that are directly responsible for paying for policing. TFRS grants are based on a municipality’s policing costs relative to the total policing costs paid by all municipalities.


Rural communities and municipalities with populations under 5,000 that do not pay directly for policing, participate in the TFRS through a reduction in the police tax. 
For more detailed information on provincial funding for local governments please consult the Local Government Grants Act and regulations. Online copies of these publications may be obtained by visiting


A list of all grants available to local governments can be obtained from CivicInfoBC.

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