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Ministry of Community and Rural Development Legislation


Capital Region Water Supply and Sooke Hills Protection Act
The Act provides for the repeal of the Greater Victoria Water District Act and its replacement with an act that provides for the operation of water supply and water distribution services by the Capital Regional District. The Act also provides for the establishment of a regional water supply commission and establishes the Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park as a part of the regional parks system

Community Charter
The Act provides all municipalities with a framework for their “core” areas of authority, including broad powers; taxation; financial management; procedures; and bylaw enforcement. The Act covers municipal-provincial relations, with principles, consultation requirements and dispute resolution processes. It also provides for fundamental municipal powers such as corporate powers, service powers and regulatory powers; specific powers in relation to additional areas; and specific restrictions on those powers. To balance the broad powers provided, the Act contains accountability and public participation provisions, such as electors approval processes, annual municipal reporting and ethical conduct rules for elected officials. Certain provisions of the Act also apply to regional districts, the City of Vancouver and other local bodies, such as the Islands Trust.

Cultus Lake Park Act [The] (SBC 1932, c.63)
A private Act that provides for the creation, structure, powers and responsibilities of the Cultus Lake Park Board for the regulation, management, maintenance and improvement of Cultus Lake Park.


Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Act
The Act provides for the creation, structure and operation of a greater board with responsibility for providing sewerage, drainage and solid waste services in the Lower Mainland.

Greater Vancouver Water District Act (SBC 1924, c.22)
The Act provides for the continuation, structure and operation of a greater board with responsibility for providing water services in the Lower Mainland.

Islands Trust Act
The Act provides for the continuation, structure and operation of the Islands Trust for the Gulf Islands. It sets out the objective of the Trust and the main powers and responsibilities of the Trust bodies (Trust Council, Local Trust Committees, Executive Committee and the Trust Fund Board).


Land Title Act [s. 219, except subsections (3) (c), (11) (b) and (10), insofar as it relates to the portfolio of the minister]
This section gives property owners the authority to make agreements in favour of other bodies, including local governments, to put restrictions on the use and development of the owners’ property. The Act also describes the types of terms that can be included in these agreements and details about enforceability. The remainder of the Act is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Local Government Act [except ss. 916-919 and 692-693]
The Act is the primary legislation for regional districts and improvement districts, setting out the framework for governance and structure, as well as the main powers and responsibilities. Certain municipal provisions remain in effect for matters not covered by the Community Charter. As well, the Act covers important authorities for both municipalities and regional districts, such as statutory requirements for elections, and planning and land use powers. The Act also includes key provincial powers such as authority for the BC Building Code and the office of the Inspector of Municipalities. Sections 916 to 919 (relating to farms) are the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Sections 692-693 (relating to the BC Building Code) are the responsibility of the Minister of Forests and Range.

Local Government Grants Act
The Act establishes the statutory funding framework for provincial government support to local governments by providing authority to make conditional and unconditional grants to local governments and related organizations.

Local Government (Green Communities) Statues Amendment Act,
(Bill 27) 2008

The legislative amendments made in the Act encourage local governments to think, plan and build green. Specifically, it supports the development of compact communities with affordable housing and lower greenhouse gas emissions by providing local governments with the flexibility to reduce emissions, to conserve energy and to make communities more socially and environmentally sustainable in ways that make the most sense for their communities.


Local Services Act
The Act provides the basis for land use regulation by the province in Dease Lake (outside of a regional district) and for the default subdivision rules for areas with no local subdivision servicing bylaws.

Manufactured Home Tax Act
The Act provides that subject to specified exceptions, manufactured homes are “improvements” to be assessed and taxed in the name of the owner of land on which the home is located.

Ministry of Municipal Affairs Act
Although this specific named Ministry no longer exists, the Act establishes a ministry responsible to be a medium of communication between municipalities and the Lieutenant Governor in Council and to perform other duties and functions it is given by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


Municipal Aid Act
The Act authorizes the provincial government to pay local governments annual grants in lieu of property taxes on defined provincial land.

Municipal Finance Authority Act
The Act provides for the creation, structure and operation of the Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, and sets out its powers and responsibilities in providing financing for regional districts, their member municipalities and other defined public institutions.


Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act(s)
The Act, act No. 2 and No. 3 are a compilation of special amendments providing specified local governments with additional authority or validating their procedural errors, in effect from 1958 onwards.

Nanaimo and South West Water Supply Act
The Act establishes the City of Nanaimo as responsible for providing the water service that the Greater Nanaimo Water District supplied before its dissolution. The Act transfers the assets and liabilities to the City of Nanaimo, and provides for representation of the community of South West Extension on the body responsible for advising the city on the water service.

New Westminster Redevelopment Act, 1989 (SBC 1989, c.34)
This private act grants the city of New Westminster development authority in addition to and different from that of other municipalities to facilitate redevelopment of a specified part of the city.


Ports Property Tax Act [s. 5 only]
The Act supports British Columbia’s port facilities by setting a cap for municipal tax rates in relation to designated port properties and enables a tax rate cap to be set by regulation for new investment in improvements. The ministry is responsible for section 5, which authorizes payments to compensate municipalities affected by the tax rate restriction. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the majority of the Act.

Resort Associations Act
The Act assists in the development, maintenance and operation of resorts promotion in B.C. by providing for the designation of Resort Areas. The Act enables the incorporation of Resort Associations for the promotion of Resort Areas and creates special local governance options for such areas.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Act
The Act provides for the creation of the Resort Municipality of Whistler and sets out the powers and responsibilities of the municipality, in addition to what is provided in the Local Government Act and the Community Charter. The Act also provides for the creation, structure and operation of the Whistler Resort Association.

Sechelt Indian Government District Enabling Act [s. 4 only]
The Act is companion legislation to the Federal Sechelt Indian Band Self-Government Act and provides for provincial recognition of the Sechelt Indian Government District. The ministry is responsible for section 4, which makes the district eligible for municipal benefits. The rest of the Act is the responsibility of the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.


University Endowment Land Act [except for ss. 2(1)(a) & (d) & 3(b)]
The Act provides for the provincial government’s authority and responsibility for local government matters on the University Endowment Lands which are adjacent to the University of B.C. The remainder of the Act is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Vancouver Charter
The Vancouver Charter provides for the continuation, structure and operation of the City of Vancouver and sets out its main powers and responsibilities, including elections, public works, real property taxation, and land use planning.

Seniors and Women

No legislation.


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