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Local Government Legislation


The Ministry is responsible for the administration and maintenance of a number of statutes establishing the legal framework for local governments in BC.

Electronic versions of statutes, bills and regulations are available from the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website. Quick access to the most referenced local government statutes is provided, plus a detailed overview of all Ministry legislation that is pertinent to local government.

A revision and consolidation of all public general acts and other selected acts of the Legislature of British Columbia, together with associated Regulations, (the Revised Statutes & Consolidated Regulations of British Columbia, 1996) is available from the Legislative Assembly web site. The most recent consolidation may be searched using the search utility provided. The information available at the RSBC site includes historical tables, tables of legislative changes, and legislative supplements.

Statutes may have been enacted, amended or repealed since the latest consolidation. Users may browse a collection of recent bills, also indexed on the Legislative Assembly site. While the Legislature is in session, the progress of bills through the adoption process may be monitored, as well as the record of debates in the Legislature in Hansard.


The HTML version of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia is for private study or research purposes only, and is not the official version of the statutes. The Province of British Columbia does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of electronic versions of its statutes and in no event will the Province be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of their use. Important additional disclaimer and copyright information can be found on the Legislative Assembly Web site.


Annual Legislative Summary

Each year a summary of the year's legislative initiatives is published. This publication details:
  • amendments to Ministry local government legislation;
  • other legislation of interest to local governments; and
  • a complete index of legislative changes to Ministry local government legislation

Summary of Local Government Legislation 2009 (433 KB)

Summary of Local Government Legislation 2008 (176 KB)
Summary of Local Government Legislation 2007 (176 KB)
Summary of Local Government Legislation 2006 (144 KB)
Summary of Local Government Legislation 2005 (163 KB)
Summary of Local Government Legislation 2004 (305 KB)
Summary of Local Government Legislation 2003 (290 KB)
Summary of Legislation 2001-2002 (405 KB)

Publications from previous years may be obtained from the Policy and Research Division.


Community Charter and Local Government Act

The two key pieces of legislation for local governments in B.C. are the Community Charter and the Local Government Act. The Community Charter came into effect on January 1, 2004, establishing the legal framework for core municipal powers. The Local Government Act establishes the legal framework for regional districts and contains other important local government authorities, such as elections and planning and land use.


Frequently Used Local Government Statutes
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