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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Sources For Further Research

The following is a list of sources which may be useful for someone wanting to do further research on topics related to local government in Canada. The first section lists newsletters and magazines of interest. The second section lists some general sources, and the third is designed to help people locate government documents; after that, the listing is alphabetical by topic. This section is not comprehensive, but it will give the reader a place to start on many topics.

A. Newsletters and Magazines

"Chapter 290" (Municipal Officers' Association of British Columbia newsletter).

Civic Public Works.

FORUM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities).

Municipal World.

Public Employers of British Columbia News (PEBC News).

PIBC News (Planning Institute of British Columbia).

UBCM News (Union of British Columbia Municipalities).

B. General Sources

Petrelli, Robert and Pierre Dubeau. Guide Bibliographique en Gestion Municipale. Montreal: Ecole Nationale d'Administration Publique, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, and Université du Québec à Montréal, Departement d'Etudes Urbaines, 1987. This work lists far more reference sources than can be given here, and includes entries on various topics related to municipal management from Canada, France, Great Britain and the United States.

Artibise, Alan F. J. and Paul-Andre Linteau. The Evolution of Urban Canada: An Analysis of Approaches and Interpretations. Report no. 4. Winnipeg: The Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg, 1984. Discusses many topics, with extensive footnotes and an appendix on sources for research on urban studies.

B.C. Studies. Each issue has a bibliography of recent writings on British Columbia. Picks up many sources which are not listed in the other bibliographies here.

Canadian Magazine Index.

Canadian Periodical Index.

Index to Current Urban Documents.

Sage Urban Studies Abstracts.

PAIS Bulletin (Public Affairs Information Service).

Urban and Regional References. A very useful Canadian source. The first volume covered 1945 to 1969; there were yearly supplements from 1970 to 1975-76. Ottawa: Canadian Council on Urban and Regional Research.

Two useful bibliographies for anyone interested in particular theoretical approaches to public affairs are:
Drache, Daniel and Wallace Clement, eds. The New Practical Guide to Canadian Political Economy. Toronto: James Lorimer and Company, Publishers, 1985. This books lists works in the political economy tradition in a wide variety of fields. See especially Patricia Marchak, "British Columbia," 111-19, and Caroline Andrew, "Urban Politics," 219-26.

Lovrich, Nicholas P. and Max Neiman. Public Choice Theory in Public Administration: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1984. Primarily American sources.

A useful overview article with an extensive bibliography is:
Sabetti, Filippo. "Reflections on Canadian Urban Governance Research." Comparative Urban Research 8, no. 2 (1981): 87-112.

C. Government Documents Sennett, Judith Antonik. Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry Under the Public Inquiries Act in British Columbia, 1943-1980: A Checklist. Victoria: British Columbia Legislative Library, 1982.

Bishop, Olga B. Canadian Official Publications. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1981. About federal government documents.

British Columbia. Legislative Library. British Columbia Government Publications; Monthly Checklist. Begins Jan. 1970.

Holmes, Marjorie C. Publications of the Government of British Columbia, 1871 - 1947. Victoria: The Provincial Library, 1950.

Holmes, Marjorie C. Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry Under the "Public Inquires Act" in British Columbia, 1872 - 1942: A Checklist. Victoria: King's Printer, 1945.

Maillet, Lise. Provincial Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry, 1867-1982: A Selective Bibliography. Ottawa: The National Library of Canada, 1986.

Microlog: Canadian Research Index. Lists selected federal, provincial, and local government documents, and materials from institutions receiving research grants.

Pross, Catherine A. A Guide to the Identification and Acquisition of Canadian Government Publications: Provinces and Territories. Occasional Paper no. 16. Halifax: Dalhousie University Libraries and Dalhousie University School of Library Service, 1983.

D. Works on Specific Topics

Business and Industry:
Brown, Barbara E., ed. Canadian Business and Economics: A Guide to Sources of Information. (New Edition.) Ottawa: Canadian Library Association, 1984.

Canadian Business Index.

Kent, Duncan. British Columbia: A Bibliography of Industry, Labour, Resources and Regions for the Social Sciences. Vancouver, B.C.: B.C. Studies, University of British Columbia Press, 1978.

Citizen Action:
Stinson, Arthur, ed. Citizen Action: An Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Case Studies. Ottawa: Community Planning Association of Canada, 1975.

Community Economic Development:
Community Economic Development: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Resources. Vancouver: CIP Community Initiatives Publications, SPARC (Social Planning and Research Council of B.C.), August 1987.

Canadian Education Index.

Goulson, Cary F. A Source Book of Royal Commissions and Other Major Governmental Inquiries in Canadian Education, 1787-1978. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1981.

Goulson, Cary F. A Source Book of Royal Commissions and Other Major Governmental Inquiries in Canadian Education, 1979-1983. Victoria, B.C.: Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, 1985.

Woodward, Frances M. "History of Education in British Columbia: A Selected Bibliography." In Schooling and Society in Twentieth Century British Columbia, ed. J. Donald Wilson and David C. Jones, 163-90. Calgary: Detselig Enterprises, 1980.

Black, A. and M. Powell. Municipal Government and Finance: An Annotated Bibliography. Ottawa: Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1971.

Artibise, Alan F. J. and Gilbert A. Stelter. Canada's Urban Past: A Bibliography to 1980 and Guide to Canadian Urban Studies. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1981. Includes a wide range of topics. Updated annually in the October issue of the Urban History Review.

Roy, Patricia E. "British Columbia." In A Reader's Guide to Canadian History 2: Confederation to the Present, ed. J. L. Granatstein and Paul Stevens, 161-86. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1982.

Smith, Allan. "The Writing of British Columbia History." B.C. Studies, no. 45 (1980): 73-102.

Corke, S. E. A Selected, Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Housing Research, 1970-1979. Toronto: Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, 1980.

Indian Policy / Native Issues:
Madill, D. Select Annotated Bibliography on British Columbia Indian Policy and Land Claims. Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Research Branch, Corporate Policy, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, December 1982. Ottawa, 1982.

Peters, Evelyn J. Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: A Bibliography, 1986. Kingston, Ont.: Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University 1986.

Surtees, Robert J. Canadian Indian Policy: A Critical Bibliography. American Indian Bibliography series. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1982.

Wilson, K. W. and K. Draper. Bibliography of Okanagan Irrigation. Kelowna, B.C.: Kelowna Museum Association, 1983.

Palmer, Joseph. "Where to Find Information on Canadian Librarianship." Canadian Library Journal 44 (June 1987): 173-79.

Cooper, Ian and J. David Hulchanski. Canadian Town Planning, 1900-1930: A Historical Bibliography. Vol. 1, Planning; vol. 2, Housing; Vol. 3, Public Health. Toronto: Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, 1978.

Hodge, Gerald. Planning Canadian Communities: An Introduction to the Principles, Practice and Participants. Toronto: Metheun, 1986. See "Bibliography: A Guide to Further Study and Action," 369-77.

Theses Related to Planning, 1950-1982. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library (Fine Arts Division), 1982. See also Supplement, 1983-85.

Public Administration:
Grasham, W. E. and Germaine Julien, compilers. Canadian Public Administration Bibliography. Toronto: The Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 1972. See also the four supplements.

British Columbia. Recreation and Sport Branch. Community Recreation Bibliography. Victoria, 1981.

Rural B.C.:
Goard, Dean S. and Gary Dickinson. A Bibliography of Social and Economic Research Pertaining to Rural British Columbia. Canada Land Inventory Project no. 49015. Ottawa: Department of Regional Economic Expansion, 1971.

Single Industry Towns:
Knight, Rolf. Work Camps and Company Towns in Canada and the U.S.: A Working Bibliography. Vancouver: New Star Books, 1975.

MacGibbon, Diana. Towns, Wheels or Wings? For Resource Development: An Annotated Bibliography. Prepared for the Western Resources Program of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, Feb. 1986. Victoria: The Institute, 1986.

Maguire, Robert K. Socio-Economic Factors Pertaining to Single Industry Resource Towns in Canada: A Bibliography with Selected Annotation. Chicago: Council of Planning Librarians, 1980.

Pressman, Norman E. R. "Selected Bibliography." In New Communities in Canada: Exploring Planned Environments, ed. Norman E. R. Pressman, 349-63. Waterloo, Ontario: Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, 1976. A special issue of CONTACT.

Robson, Robert. Canadian Single Industry Communities: A Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography. Sackville, New Brunswick: Rural and Small Town Research and Studies Program, Mount Allison University, 1987.

Canada. Statistics Canada. How Communities Can Use Statistics. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 1981.

Canada. Statistics Canada. Index to Municipal Data, 1982. "Designed to Provide Quick and Easy Reference to the More than 250 Statistics Canada Publications Containing Data on the Municipalities of Canada." Ottawa: Minister of Supply and Services, Canada, 1983.

Cook, Rupert W. and Joan Mount. Canadian Statistical Data: An Introduction to Sources and Interpretation. Toronto: Micromedia Limited, 1986. No section on local government per se, but useful for doing background social and economic research.

Smith, Illoana M., compiler. Transportation in British Columbia: A Bibliography. Vancouver: Centre for Transportation Studies, University of British Columbia, 1982.

Hale, Linda, comp. Vancouver Centennial Bibliography. A Project of the Vancouver Historical Society. Cartobibliography by Frances M. Woodward. Vancouver: Vancouver Historical Society, 1986. 4 vols.

Roy, Patricia. "A Half Century of Writing on Vancouver's History." B.C. Studies, no. 69-70 (1986): 311-25.

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