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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Native Self-Government

Much of the academic literature about Indians in B.C. concerns land claims. That topic is beyond the scope of this bibliography, although sources of information about it can be found listed in the "Sources for Further Research" section. The literature about Native self-government in Canada centres on the question of what self-government means, and how it would affect government jurisdiction on Indian reserves. The issue of how band services would be financed and administered under conditions of self-government is also tied in with how the scope of self-government is defined. The current state of band services has not received as much attention in the academic literature, although that is changing to some extent. Issues include lack of adequate funding and cumbersome bureaucratic procedures. Another concern which has not received a great deal of attention is the migration of Indians from rural or small town reserves to large urban areas and how they cope with urban life. The fact that reserves exist within urban areas -- there are several in Greater Vancouver -- raises other issues worthy of study. But questions such as relations between reserves and neighbouring municipalities, as well as the attitudes of the residents of such reserves towards economic development, have not been explored in detail. (Again, the limitations of this bibliography must be stressed. The focus here is on academic literature; unpublished consultants' reports commissioned by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development or by individual bands are generally not included.)

A. General Canadian Works

Bish, Robert L. and Frank Cassidy. Indian Self-Government: Its Meaning and Practice. Institute for Research and Public Policy. Forthcoming.

Canada. Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Proposed Amendments to the Indian Act Concerning Conditionally Surrendered Land and Band Taxation Powers. Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services, 1987. Takes an initiative of the Kamloops band as the starting point for a broad discussion of taxation and economic development of reserves.

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B. Works about British Columbia

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Tripartite Local Government Committee Respecting Indian Local Government in British Columbia. Report of the Tripartite Local Government Committee Respecting Indian Local Government in British Columbia. August 1981.

Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Indian Issues Forums: A Summary of Oral Presentations. Richmond, 1987. Includes discussion of local government concerns, especially regarding taxation.

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