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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Special Purpose Districts, Boards and Commissions

The most well-known special purpose boards are school boards. While it is beyond the scope of this bibliography to provide complete coverage of education in British Columbia, a few useful sources are noted below. If one had to set out one overriding theme about school boards, it would be that they are more controversial than other special purpose boards and commissions. As an administrative point, there is sometimes some friction between school boards and municipal governments, because a substantial percentage of the property taxes levied by municipalities is earmarked for schools. In this situation, the municipalities become the target of taxpayers complaining about the size of their local tax bills and yet have no control over setting the amount school boards want collected.

Hospital districts and individual hospital boards are another important area of local government but, like education, the governing of the hospital system is beyond the scope of this bibliography. It is important to note, however, that the boundaries for hospital districts are the same as those for regional districts and the board of directors of each regional district is the board of directors for the local hospital district.

There is very little academic literature about any other form of special purpose district. One possible theme that is worth mentioning is that despite the neglect of academics, water districts, improvement districts, and the like provide crucial services for residents in the areas they encompass. A second theme is that because of the existence of special purpose districts, and because of the traditional reluctance to force incorporation on residents of an area, residents of rural areas and small settlements in the province have been under less pressure to incorporate than has been the case in some other provinces. This has sometimes been a source of frustration for provincial officials, when services could be provided more efficiently and more economically by municipalities.

The Islands Trust is well-described by Robert Bish as "a unique single-purpose government, designed specifically to give island residents the authority for land-use control which is held by regional districts and municipalities elsewhere in the province" (Bish, p. 60). There is a limited amount of academic literature about the Islands Trust, although various government publications are available.

A. General Overviews of Special Purpose Government in B.C.

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B. Education

In addition to Bish (above) see:
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C. Hospital Districts / Hospital Boards

In addition to Bish (above), see:
British Columbia. Ministry of Health. Review of Role of Regional Hospital Districts. Prepared by Dan Campbell. Victoria, 1987.

D. The Islands Trust

In addition to Bish (above), see:
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E. Water Districts, Irrigation Districts, and Improvement Districts

In addition to Bish and to Swainson (above) see:
British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Choosing a Local Government for Your Community: The Improvement District and the Village Municipality. Victoria, 1987.

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