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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Single Industry Towns

There is a fair-sized body of literature about single industry towns in Canada generally and in British Columbia in particular. First Kitimat, then the "instant towns", and now Tumbler Ridge have each in their day attracted attention. Many issues have been studied and the resulting literature is diverse. Themes in the literature include: the political influence of the dominant company in a town; quality of life concerns including both problems of social isolation and how to provide a diverse range of services on a small tax base; the difficulty of trying to develop a sense of community in new towns where no one has roots; what to do about high turnover in the labour force; the vulnerability of towns dependent on one industry and the need for economic diversification; and the special problems of women where there are few available jobs not of the traditionally male variety, and where the jobs that are available (mainly in the service sector) are frequently low-paying.

In B.C. the literature largely consists of sociological, economic and planning literature; there is a definite lack of political science studies of politics and administrative concerns in single industry towns.

A. General Canadian Works

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B. Works about British Columbia

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