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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Social Services, Social Planning And
Social Issues At The Local Level

The stereotypical image of local government is that it deals with administration of "hard" services, namely water, sewers, roads, and garbage collection. Social issues which arise at the local level do not receive much attention in the political science and public administration literature on local government. The one exception to this are the social consequences of urban development, which are a major concern in the literature.

The lack of detailed attention to social concerns is somewhat puzzling, given that it is often social issues which mobilize voters and interest groups. Moreover there is obvious room to study such questions as the impact of "hot issues" on voter turnout, the extent to which "single issue" voting occurs at the local level, when and if protest groups turn into civic parties, and the subsequent political careers of people who first come to public notice through their involvement in attempts to deal with local issues.

It is sometimes said that local government consists mainly of the administration of hard services, while it is the provincial and federal levels of government which deal with the major social issues. Some advance this as the reason for the lack of attention to social issues in the local government literature. There is some truth to that assertion but, on the other hand, the following is a list of concerns which municipal governments may be called on to respond to: lack of low rent housing; race relations; demands for anti-smoking by-laws; difficulties with "street kids"; objections to pornography displayed in corner stores; the need for day-care facilities, possibly linked to arguments to change zoning bylaws to allow for more daycare in private homes; and controversies over the location of transition houses for battered women, halfway houses for parolees, shelters for runaways, and transition houses for former mental patients. Too, there may be calls for funding of the above facilities. Other issues include animal control, herbicide and pesticide spraying, and calls for cities to declare themselves "nuclear weapons-free zones." In addition, local governments are sometimes pressured to set an example as model employers by, for instance, instituting "equal pay for work of equal value." While the literature about many of the above issues is plentiful, the point to be made here is that there is not a great deal of academic literature which relates such issues to local government.

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C. Social Planning

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D. Social Issues

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