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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued



There is a large body of work about planning in Canada. Only a few of the major themes are discussed below, and the focus is on political concerns.

Works about the history of planning note two main phases. First came the "city beautiful" movement, where the emphasis was on aesthetics -- providing monumental public buildings, broad avenues, and parks. This was followed by the "city efficient" phase, where the emphasis was on such things as public health, zoning, and traffic patterns.

Much of the modern literature centres on controversies over development, and it can include both physical (land use) planning concerns and social planning concerns. Often controversies centre on large commercial or government developments which pit the developers against people trying to save neighbourhoods. Equally important are problems of city-wide needs versus neighbourhood wants. This is the so-called "not in my back yard" or "NIMBY" syndrome, which can apply to anything from halfway houses for parolees to the location of an expressway. Facilities may be needed, but often people do not want them near where they live.

Another theme in the modern literature is the need for public participation in planning decisions. This idea came to the fore in the 1960s. Initially, it was often resisted by officials. Gradually, however, mechanisms of citizen input have become institutionalized, and it is now widely conceded that paying attention to the views of the people immediately concerned may result in more workable plans in the long run. On the other hand, it has also been claimed that increased consultation means that things are less likely to get done, because almost any change will be opposed by someone.

Another theme is problems between levels of government, for instance where the federal or provincial governments own land and want to develop it contrary to local wishes. However, in B.C. a greater problem is lack of coordination between agencies of the same level of government -- especially the province, but also local governments, due to the lack of coordinating mechanisms organized on a regional basis and a strong framework for regional planning.

Yet another issue might be called "planning for hard times." Planning, like any other government function, costs money, and governments have been less willing to fund extensive planning studies in recent years when they were in the 1960s and 1970s. Meanwhile, the issues that planning was intended to deal with -- ensuring some predictability in land use and ensuring a livable environment -- have not gone away. Part of the solution has been to shift attention from one-time grand city plans to planning as an on-going process. Other concerns which arise include environmental issues, and concerns about "fringe" development just outside city limits.

As in the previous section, B.C. and general Canadian references have been interfiled in the subcategories here in order to avoid numerous categories with small numbers of references in them. For planning issues relating to single industry towns, see section 12; for social planning, see section 11, Part C.

Please note that this section of the bibliography is primarily about planning as it relates to local government concerns. It does not include technical planning literature or the vast body of planning studies about individual neighbourhoods, towns, and regions; and it only includes a few of the more relevant theses. See the "Planning" section under "Sources for Further Research" for details on finding more information.

A. General Canadian Works

Artibise, Alan F. J. and Gilbert A. Stelter, eds. The Usable Urban Past: Planning and Politics in the Modem Canadian City. Toronto: Macmillan, 1979. (The Carleton Library, no. 119.) Useful for showing the influence of the past on contemporary concerns.

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B. History of Planning in B.C.

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C. Land Use Planning

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D. Participation and Development Issues

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See also Bradbury, J.H. under "Land Use Planning".

E. Regional Planning

Cullingworth (above, Section A) includes a number of comments on regional planning in B.C. In addition, see:
Dykeman, Floyd W. Three Approaches to Rural Planning: A Regional Government Perspective. Sackville, N.B.: Rural and Small Town Research and Studies Programme, Department of Geography, Mount Allison University, 1986. About integrated rural development in the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

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See also: Lash, Harry, under "Participation and Development Issues," and section 13 on Metropolitan Government and Regional Districts.

F. Planning in B.C. - Other Works

British Columbia. Department of Municipal Affairs. Technical Planning Committees: An Administrative Guide. Victoria, March 1973.

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British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Development Services Branch. Comprehensive Development Planning: The Kamloops Southeast Sector Plan. Prepared by Coriolis Consulting Corp., February 1987. Includes a general discussion of comprehensive development planning, which is "an integrated approach to local government land use planning, services planning, financial management and economic development," as well as giving information about Kamloops.

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Transactions of the British Columbia Natural Resources Conference. Annual. (1948-1970.) Often include material relevant to planning.

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