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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Services Provided By Municipal Government

Considering the importance of the subject, there is not a great deal of empirical literature about the provision of municipal government services in Canada. There are historical accounts of the origins of local government services, of increasing demands on local governments after 1880, the impact of the Depression on the transfer of social responsibilities to the other levels of government, and the increasing emphasis on "quality of life" concerns since the 1960s. There are also debates on privatization and over whether various services should be provided at the regional level or the municipal level, and ever-present calls for more funds for local governments. In the last few years there also seems to have been more attention placed on the possible role of municipal governments in the provision of social services. However, empirical studies of what administrative techniques individual municipalities use to provide services, and comparative studies of the methods and costs of providing services in different places are few and far between in the academic literature. Equally striking is the lack of attention to the problems of small towns and rural areas in providing high quality and diverse services on a very limited tax base. The different theoretical approaches towards local government are prominent in what literature does exist about the provision of local services. Mainstream and public choice theorists offer very different perspectives on what is the most efficient way to provide services, and how best to encourage responsiveness to public demands. Critics from the left, meanwhile, focus attention on the extent to which the services provided by local government serve the needs of property developers, as opposed to neighbourhood residents.

Given the small amount of information available on most types of services, general Canadian and B.C. references have been interfiled in subcategories C to E below. For materials on social services, see section 11, part A.

A. General Canadian Works

Bird, Richard M. and N. Enid Slack. Urban Public Finance in Canada. Chapter 6. Toronto: Butterworths, 1983. This chapter is on pricing urban services.

Bish, Robert L. "Improving Productivity in the Government Sector: The Role of Contracting Out." In Responses to Economic Change, ed. David Laidler. The Collected Research Studies; The Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada, no. 27. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1986. A few B.C. examples are used in this overview.

Bish, Robert L. and Vincent Ostrom. Understanding Urban Government: Metropolitan Reform Reconsidered. Washington, D. C.: The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1973. This is an American work, but many of the arguments can be applied in a Canadian context.

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Sproule-Jones, Mark. "Institutions, Constitutions, and Public Policy: A Public Choice Overview." Canadian Public Policy, ed. Michael M. Atkinson and Marsha A. Chandler, 127-50. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1983. Uses several B.C. service examples in the course of explaining the basics of public choice theory.

B. General Canadian Overview

Bish, Robert L. Local Government in British Columbia. Chapters 6-9. Richmond, B.C.: Union of British Columbia Municipalities in cooperation with the University of Victoria School of Public Administration, 1987.

C. Cultural and Recreational Services

In addition to Bish, chapter 9, see:
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D. Engineering-Type Services

In addition to Bish, chapter 8, see:
Ball, Norman R., senior editor. Building Canada: A History of Public Works. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1988. Sponsored by the Canadian Public Works Association.

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E. Protective Services

In addition to Bish, Chapter 7, see:
Keenleyside, Hugh. The Fire Fighting Services in British Columbia: Report to the Attorney-General. Victoria, 1975.

McDavid, James C. "Part-time Fire Fighters in Canadian Municipalities: Cost and Effectiveness Comparisons." Canadian Public Administration 29 (Fall 1986): 377-87.

Task Force on Municipal Policing Costs in British Columbia. Task Force on Municipal Policing Costs: Final Recommendations. 1983. Copy in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation, and Culture Local Government Research Library, in mimeo.

Task Force on Municipal Policing Costs in British Columbia. Task Force on Municipal Policing Costs in British Columbia: Preliminary Report for Discussion Purposes. Victoria, 1978. Co-ordinator: Patricia D. Ross.

Todor, William D. A Survey of Municipal Police Management in British Columbia. Vancouver: B.C. Police Commission, 1975.

Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Report on Municipal Policing Costs to the 1984 Convention of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Submitted by the Executive of the UBCM, Sept. 1984.

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