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A Bibliography on Local Government in
British Columbia - Continued


Corporate Structure and Administration
of Municipal Government

Issues in the general Canadian literature are many and varied. They include: the advantages and disadvantages of various types of city governments, centering on the role of city managers and council committees; intergovernmental relations; financial issues, chiefly the difficulty in raising adequate funds to carry out mandated functions, and the pros and cons of various revenue sources; and privatization issues. Also discussed is the case for devolution of functions to local government and conversely, the case for the centralization of functions at the regional or provincial level. In practice, centralization occurs more often. In addition, there are discussions of the historical evolution of local government structures. Personnel issues have received more attention in recent years, examples being works on labour costs, the need for good training programs for local government administrators, and affirmative action and "equal pay for work of equal value" concerns. Legal issues may also arise, lately in connection with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Finally, there are issues of representation and participation and the effects government structures can have on these. How much input do citizens have on government decisions? Do governments make an effort to seek out citizens' opinions by, for instance, holding hearings on controversial issues? How easy is it to get access to information about what local governments are doing? Many of the above issues are dealt with in more detail here under separate categories, but the limited amount of literature which deals specifically with administrative concerns is listed below.

A. General Canadian Works

Hanson, Hugh R. and Jean-Pierre Boisclair. The Role of Auditing in Canadian Municipal Administration: Practices, Perceptions and Challenges. Ottawa: Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation, 1983. Relevant to program evaluation.

Kernaghan, Kenneth. Ethical Conduct: Guidelines for Government Employees. Toronto: Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 1975. Includes discussions of municipal government.

Kernaghan, Kenneth and David Siegel. Public Administration in Canada: A Text. Chapter 11, "Structures and Politics of Local Government Administration," 587-612. Toronto: Methuen, 1987.

Plunkett, T. J. and G. M. Betts. The Management of Canadian Urban Government: A Basic Text for a Course in Urban Management. Kingston, Ont.. Institute of Local Government, Queen's University, 1978.

Tindal, C. R. Structural Changes in Local Government: Government for Urban Regions. Monographs on Canadian Urban Government, no. 2. Toronto: Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 1977.

Wellar, Barry S. and Dennis Steen. "Information Systems and Services in Local Government Performance in Canada: Overview and Prospective." Pages 18-38 of Comparative International Assessment of Information Systems and Services in Local Government. Vol. 3 of Computers in Public Agencies, Sharing Solutions. Papers from the 1985 Annual Conference of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Ottawa, Ontario. (1985 URISA Proceedings, Vol. 3.) McLean, Virginia: URISA.

B. Works about British Columbia

Bernard, Andre, Jacques Leveille, and Guy Lord. The Political and Administrative Structures of the Metropolitan Region of Vancouver. Ottawa: Ministry of State for Urban Affairs, 1975. Cover title begins Profile: Vancouver.

Bish, Robert L. Local Government in British Columbia. Richmond B.C.: Union of British Columbia Municipalities in cooperation with the University of Victoria School of Public Administration, 1987.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Home Owner Grant Programme: Guide and Administration Manual. 2nd ed. Victoria, 1984.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Maintenance Management for Municipal Operations: A Step by Step Approach. Prepared by Aplin and Martin Engineering Ltd. for the British Columbia Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Victoria, 1986.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Municipal Manual. May 1986. Queen's Printer Consolidated version: includes amendments dated. November 1983, August 1985, May 1986. Victoria, 1986. Designed for elected officials and administrators.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Policy and Research Branch. A Catalogue of Local Government Computers and Applications in British Columbia. Victoria, 1988.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources. Fuel for Thought: A Primer on Energy Management for Local Government. Victoria, B.C., 1981.

British Columbia. Ministry of Regional Development and Ministers of State. Backgrounder. Victoria, 1988. Discusses development regions, including the role of local governments in the regionalization process.

Brown, Norman E. and John C. Oliver. B.C. Management Development Needs Programme: Final Report. Prepared for the British Columbia Municipal Administration Education Council. Vancouver: Holloway/Schulz and Associates, 1976.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Management and Planning Capabilities in Small Communities. Ottawa, 1982. Kitimat is one of the communities discussed in section 4, "Exemplary Practices and Self-Help Opportunities."

Feldman, Lionel D. and Peter G. McInnis. "Continuing Education and Training Programs for Municipal Administrators: A Case Study in Selected Provinces." Canadian Public Administration 16 (Winter 1973): 613-26. Includes British Columbia.

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McKelvey, C. S. J. Report on Proposal for Decentralization and Related Matters. Prepared for the Premier's Conference on Decentralization by C. S. J. McKelvey, Dec. 23, 1986. Prepared for: Province of British Columbia, Office of the Premier.

Municipal Administration Training Institute. Basic Responsibilities for Local Government Administrators. Course materials for a programme held at Camosun College, Victoria, B.C., Aug. 16-21, 1987. Municipal Officers' Association of British Columbia.

Municipal Officers' Association of British Columbia. Annual Conference, Proceedings and Minutes. Annual.

Wallin, Jamie H. A. Urban Government Administration: Resources Needed for an Increased Administrative Capability; A Study of Nine Municipalities in the Vancouver Region of British Columbia. Vancouver, 1975.

Watters, Dean D., ed. Local Government in British Columbia. Contributors: Bill Kennedy, Richard Taylor and Dean Watters. This is a useful eight page joint publication of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Municipal Officers' Association of British Columbia, 1987.

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