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Sub-regional Planning


Local governments may recognize that they have shared issues that cross regional boundaries, but do not believe that these issues are so major or complex that the full statutory regional growth strategy processes required. In such instances, there are other, non statutory and less involved interactive planning mechanisms available.

Regional Issues Assessments

A regional issues assessment is a joint municipal/provincial government review of the issues affecting local governments in the area. In consultation with provincial government agencies, other organizations and the public, consensus is reached on issues, linkages and priorities. Possible follow-up actions such as a regional growth strategy, inter-jurisdictional agreements, joint community planning, local government restructure or infrastructure investment are identified and agreed upon.

Coordinated Community Planning

Two or more adjoining local governments may to choose to coordinate the development of official community plans as a means of achieving complementary land use designations and policies in a sub-region.

Inter-jurisdictional Agreements

Local governments may enter into agreements with other local governments, provincial agencies or other organizations regarding actions and policies to respond to identified shared issues.

Regional Strategy

A regional district and municipalities in the region may choose to develop a regional strategy, to provide guidance for future actions and decisions. Such a strategy would be adopted by resolution, not by bylaw.


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