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Subdivision Approval


Subdivision is the ability to: create several lots from one or more parcels; create strata lots; readjust an existing property line; or to consolidate properties. Subdivisions are defined in the Land Title Act and the Strata Property Act.

Everyone wanting to subdivide land must have their subdivision approved by an Approving Officer appointed under the Land Title Act. The Ministry of Transportation Approving Officers are responsible for subdivisions in the rural areas of the province, outside of municipal boundaries.

These Provincial Approving Officers are quasi-judicial officials who act independently to ensure that the subdivision complies with Provincial Acts and Regulations as well as bylaws, and to protect the best interests of the public. In municipal areas, the municipal council appoints an Approving Officer who has similar independence and authority.

The Approving Officer has the authority to consider provincial laws, official community plans, zoning and subdivision servicing bylaws and other relevant information to decide whether to approve a subdivision application.

Subdivision Servicing Bylaw

A Subdivision Servicing Bylaw regulates the works and services that are required as part of the subdivision of land. This can include:
  • roads;
  • sidewalks;
  • transit bays;
  • street lighting;
  • water distribution systems;
  • fire hydrant systems;
  • sewage disposal systems; and
  • storm drainage systems.

There can be different requirements in different circumstances, areas, land uses, zones and types of highways (roads). For example, a single family home needs a different size of water pipe than an industrial factory.


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