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Social Planning


The Local Government Act requires an Official Community Plan (OCP) to include housing policies respecting affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing. The legislation also allows a local government to include policies in the OCP relating to social needs, social well-being and social development.

Some local governments feel these issues are a key component of the success of their planning initiatives by tackling the roots of some community problems. They may hire social planners and bring social issues forward into the planning process.


One aspect of social planning that OCPs can address is accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities and health and activity limitations.


The Ministry has developed an updated guide, Age-friendly and Disabilty-friendly OCPs (.PDF, 458 KB), to help communities incorporate accessibility provisions into their OCPs. Such provisions make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities and health and activity limitations (including mobility, visual, hearing and cognitive impairments and mental health challenges) to move around their communities and participate in all aspects of community life – economic, social, recreational and cultural – through improved planning, design, and service provision.


The guide (.PDF, 458 KB) includes over 80 recent best practice examples from over 40 local governments across the Province that have included strategies, goals, or policies in their OCPs aimed at improving accessibility.


The guide (.PDF, 458 KB) was developed in support of Accessibility 2024, British Columbia’s 10-year action plan supporting its vision of becoming the most progressive province for people with disabilities in Canada.


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