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Community Amenity Contributions


Provincial legislation enables local governments to collect development cost charges (DCCs) from developers to pay a portion of off-site infrastructure required to service new growth, e.g. for expansion of a water reservoir or sewage treatment plant.

However, growth and development often leads to a demand for additional community amenities, e.g. libraries and recreation centres, not provided for under these legislative provisions. To secure these additional community amenities, local governments are increasingly relying on one of two different mechanisms as part of a rezoning process:

  • Density bonus zoning - Section 904 of the Local Government Act allows zoning bylaws to include the option of additional (bonus) density subject to specific conditions, which can include providing amenities.
  • Community amenity contributions (CACs) are negotiated amenity contributions agreed to by the applicant/developer and local government as part of a rezoning process initiated by the applicant/developer. CACs can take several forms including the provision of amenities, affordable housing and/or financial contributions towards amenities. The agreed-to CAC is obtained by the local government, if the local government decides to adopt the rezoning.

The following Ministry publications provide a comprehensive discussion of CACs, and encourage local governments that are considering CACs to take an approach that is legally sound, follows good planning practices, and avoids increasing housing costs.

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