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Governance and Powers


The notion of “governance and powers” focuses on the political and administrative structures processes and powers of municipalities, regional districts, and other local authorities such as improvement districts.

Governance and powers deals with the organization of councils and boards and the processes by which citizens elect councillors and directors to represent them. It also concerns the on-going involvement of citizens and the public in local authorities as well as maintaining accountability of councils and boards to citizens through rules such as those on open meetings, elector approval, conflict of interest and ethical standards. Also part of governance are the rules which guide the council or board members in their deliberations, such as rules on procedures.

Goverance is also about what the local authorities actually do - the powers of the local government corporation and how corporate powers, such as making agreements are excercised.


Governance and powers concerns the:

  • services that are provided and how they are provided by local authorities;
  • regulatory rules that councils or boards can set and the processes that must be followed in excercising their authority;
  • means by which such rules can be enforced, such as local government bylaw enforcement and,
  • relationships between local authorities, First Nations and the provincial and federal governments.

The Local Government Division has a multi-facetted role with respect to governance and powers. The Branch

  • develops policy and makes recommendations for legislative change;
  • provides advice to a range of clients including local government officials and the general public;
  • provides education and training;
  • develops, collects and distributes a comprehensive array of information; and,
  • builds partnerships with key stakeholders and collaborates to develop best practices.

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