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Bill 14 Implementation: Planning and Land Use Management Bulletins


Circular No. 00:40


October 28, 2000
To: Municipal and Regional District Planning Directors
Re: Bill 14 Implementation: Planning and Land Use Management Bulletins


A number of provisions in the Local Government Statutes Amendment Act, 2000 will come into force on January 1, 2001. Some of these changes will bring into effect the planning and land use management provisions of Bill 14. We would appreciate your assistance in ensuring that particular bulletins with relevance for other staff are brought to their attention.

Attached to this circular are ten new bulletins which outline the provisions, along with a revised table of contents for the bulletins section of the Understanding the New Local Government Act manual. The bulletins are:


This circular highlights the changes being made to Part 26 of the Local Government Act, the implications of the changes and some practical considerations for the implementation and administration of the amendments. We would also suggest that you carefully examine the changes and implications for your own jurisdiction.

Please note that the provisions in Bill 14 relating to boards of variance, specifically section 149 which amends section 901 of the Local Government Act, is not being brought into force on January 1, 2001. The ministry has heard from a number of local governments expressing concern that this section has major implications for their administrative procedures and for citizens. We believe local governments would appreciate more time to review and revise their administrative procedures with respect to these changes. For this reason, this section will not be brought into force at this time.

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