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Gas Tax Agreement



In May 2014, the Government of Canada, the Province of B.C. and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) signed the renewed Gas Tax Agreement (GTA).


The GTA provides a ten-year commitment of federal funding for investments in local government infrastructure and capacity building projects in British Columbia.


One of the key funding programs established through the GTA is the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF).  The SPF is an application-based funding program, which pools approximately $28 million of the $250 million annual federal Gas Tax Fund for strategic investments that are considered larger in scale, regional in impact, or innovative.


The SPF replaces the General Strategic Priorities Fund and Innovations Fund programs from the First Gas Tax Agreement and is available for local governments outside of the Greater Vancouver region. 


The Agreement details how the gas tax funds will be used in the province to support environmentally sustainable local government.


The UBCM administers this funding program, and more information about the Agreement and the SPF is available at the UBCM website.



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