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Enhancing Local Government Collaboration


Local governments operate in complex environments and deal with a wide range of issues that often cross jurisdictional boundaries (e.g. regional planning, air quality, public transportation, affordable housing, and climate change).


When working together on cross jurisdictional issues and shared services, conflict among local government partners can occur and is quite normal. 


To be effective in the multi-party environment in which they function, local governments need the capacity to collaborate and proactively prevent or successfully resolve conflict, in order to forge and maintain durable partnerships to meet community needs. 


The Ministry has promoted legislative, regulatory and educational initiatives to help build the capacity of local governments to resolve their conflicts using a collaborative, interest based approach to conflict resolution. As a result of these efforts, locally-elected officials and local government staff alike have developed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in how to effectively work through conflict in the local government context.


The Local Government Management Association, Local Government Leadership Academy, Union of BC Municipalities, and the Ministry commissioned a report intended to capture the collective conflict resolution expertise and best pratices regional district board Chairs and staff use when dealing with inter-jurisdicational conflict.


The final report, Enhancing Collaboration in British Columbia’s Regional Districts (PDF, 1.25MG) was finalized in spring 2014. Based on the report, a checklist was developed that captures the key skills, tools and processes used by regional district staff and regional district chairs to proactively address and work through conflict to help create a more collaborative culture at the regional district level.


While the report focuses on the regional district level, many of the findings have applicability to the broader local government sphere and both regional districts and municipalities may find the report helpful.



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