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Resources From Waste:
Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR)


Resources From Waste: A Guide to Integrated Resource Recovery (PDF, 4.24 MB)  Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR) forms an integral part of Green Communities. IRR is an approach and a set of tools for planning and managing community infrastructure to maximize the recovery of value from waste resources.
In April of 2009, the Ministry of Community and Rural Development (at the time known as the Ministry of Community Development) released the Resources from Waste: A Guide to Integrated Resource Recovery (PDF, 4.24 MB) report in order to assist local governments to plan and implement a wide range of IRR projects. The Guide expands on a preliminary study (PDF, 1.94 MB) released one year previously.


IRR can potentially:
  • reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • reduce pollution and divert waste from municipal, industrial, and resource sectors to beneficial uses;
  • reduce demand for new resources and infrastructure by providing local sources of clean energy, nutrients, and water;
  • delay or offset the purchase or expansion of infrastructure; and
  • generate new economic opportunities and new sources of revenue.


Though IRR focuses on reuse, recycling, and recovery of resources, the purpose of doing so is to avoid consuming new resources, and ultimately to dispose of even less. This is illustrated in the Pollution Prevention Hierarchy diagram above.

IRR can assist in implementing a number of Provincial strategies, including the:

Existing IRR Projects in British Columbia

There are already a number of IRR projects in British Columbia, and many more are planned. Please click on Case Studies to view brief descriptions of existing and future projects.

Integrated Resource Recovery Map

Click here for the interactive map

The Integrated Resource Recovery map represents the increasing number of Integrated Resource Recovery Projects around British Columbia. The interactive map displays the location, basic information and links to further information on current IRR facilities and initiates. For more detailed information on IRR facilities and initiatives, please consult the IRR Inventory.

List of Qualified Suppliers of IRR Services

In June 2010, The Ministry of Community and Rural Development refreshed its List of Qualified Suppliers for Services Related to Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR) [PDF, 329KB].

The purpose of the list is to assist local governments in undertaking IRR projects by providing a pre-qualified list of suppliers from which to choose.

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