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Integrated Resource Recovery External Links


Integrated Resource Recovery External Links
Associations, Networks, and Integrated Planning
BC Climate Action Toolkit
The Toolkit contains case studies, plans, policies, and other tools aimed at taking action on climate change in British Columbia.
BC Bioenergy Network
Established in April 2008 with a $25 million grant from the B.C. government, the BC Bioenergy Network is an industry-led initiative that acts as a catalyst for the development and demonstration of bioenergy technologies in B.C.
BC Sustainable Energy Association
Non-profit association promoting clean, renewable energy technologies in B.C.
The Natural Step
The Natural Step is global non-profit network which provides planning information on Integrated Community Sustainability Planning.
Pacific Carbon Trust
The Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT) is a Crown Corporation which purchases and sells offsets within British Columbia. The site contains examples of projects, including district energy and biomass fuels, which have been used to generate offsets.
QUEST (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow)
QUEST is a collaborative network of representatives from industry, environmental groups, governments, academia and consulting communities working together to make Canada a world leader in urban integrated energy systems.
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Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas & Bioenergy
Anaerobic Digester Initiative Advisory Committee of B.C. (ADIAC)
ADIAC provides assistance to anaerobic digestion proponents, including information and a discussion forum, and works toward streamlining the process of anaerobic digestion development in B.C.
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development:
Anaerobic Digester Information

Topics include the operations, benefits, costs, and suppliers of anaerobic digestion technology.
Anaerobic Digestion
England’s official information portal on anaerobic digestion
Catalyst Power Inc.
Catalyst Power Inc. (CPI) is undertaking one of the first anaerobic digestion projects in B.C. which accept off-farm organic waste. The project received $1.5 million through the Innovative Clean Energy Fund.
Danish Biogas Association
Includes case studies and reports on the history and planning of biogas plants in Denmark.
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs supports the development of on-farm anaerobic digestion. The website provides links to information on capital costs, training, and financial assistance.
Terasen Gas
Terasen Gas has released a Request for Expressions of Interest from biogas producers. Bio-methane from landfills, wastewater treatment, farm waste, and other sources will be considered.
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District Energy & Heat Recovery
BC Hydro
BC Hydro provides funding and support for energy planning, including support for district energy Feasibility Studies and funding for local government staffing, through the Power Smart Sustainable Communities program.
Canadian District Energy Association
Industry association representing utilities, government agencies, and private-sector suppliers who share a common interest in promoting the growth of district energy in Canada. Includes articles, reports, and maps of district energy projects.
Community Energy Association
A “first stop” for local government leaders addressing energy sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction. The CEA has produced guides on funding, renewable energy, district energy, utilities and financing for Local Governments in B.C.
International District Energy Association
The IDEA is a nonprofit trade association promoting district energy.
Natural Resources Canada - Sustainable Buildings & Communities
The Natural Resource Canada Library contains a variety of case studies on district energy systems using renewable energy sources.
Vancouver 2010 – Taking the Heat
Several case studies on heat recovery from refrigeration plants.
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Water Reuse & Nutrient Recovery
BC Water & Waste Association
BCWWA is a non-profit association which provides networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for water and wastewater industry workers in B.C. and the Yukon.
Canadian Water and Wastewater Association
CWWA is a non-profit national body representing the common interests of Canada’s public sector municipal water and wastewater services and their private sector suppliers and partners.
City of Salisbury (Australia)
The City of Salisbury practices integrated water management, and treats wastewater as a resource.
Gold Coast Waterfutures (Australia)
Contains information regarding water treatment and reuse.
Recycling Council of British Columbia
RCBC has produced a document focused on nutrient recovery from composting targeted towards local governments in B.C.
Skyrocket Compost
Skyrocket is a soil amendment produced in the Comox Valley by co-composting biosolids and wood-waste.
Waterbucket provides a variety of information on integrated water management in British Columbia. News and publications include a variety of topics related to energy, materials, and water reclamation.
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