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Infrastructure &
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Integrated Resource Recovery (IRR):
Case Studies


 RDN Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization Catalyst Power On-farm Anaerobic Digestion
Dockside Green 
Wastewater Treatment Plant and Gasification Facility Okanagan College 
Sewer Heat Recovery System Revelstoke Community 
Community Energy System
Dockside Green Okanagan College Heat
Recovery System
Revelstoke Community
Energy System

In addition to these case studies, the Ministry of Community and Rural Development maintains an Inventory of Resource Recovery Projects (PDF, 176.75KB) including examples from within the province, within other provinces, and internationally. The inventory is a living document, and will be updated with new examples as they become available.


Ministry Contact Information:

Tierra Baker, Program Assistant
Tel: 250-387-4037

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