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Infrastructure &
Finance Division

2016 Annual Reporting Requirement

Circular No. 16:01
ARCS File#: 195-20


January 27, 2016


To: All Improvement District Trustees and Officers

Re: 2016 Annual Reporting Requirement

Immediately following the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the following documentation is to be forwarded to this office:


  1. 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes Items to be presented and approved at this meeting include:
    1. financial statements
    2. current yearís Trustee honourarium
    3. current yearís Trustee(s) election

  2. 2016 Trustees List (blank copy enclosed)
    The telephone numbers should be those at which the parties may be contacted during business hours. It would be appreciated if you could also list home telephone numbers.

  3. Where applicable, 2016 Operating Budgets and Capital Expenditure Programs
    1. See pages 8 to 13 in Section C of the Improvement District Manual for details on these submissions.

  4. 2015 General Statistics Form (blank copy enclosed)

For those of you receiving this circular by email, please be aware that the blank forms may now be filled in electronically. Please do not create your own forms to avoid missing critical information.


We also include for your convenience a reminder on AGM procedures and a Bylaw Format Checklist.


Not withstanding the above, the 2015 Audited Financial Statements and Auditorís report must be submitted to this office no later than May 15, 2016, regardless of whether the Annual General Meeting has occurred.


Sean Grant
Local Government Finance



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