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Second Intake - Building Canada Fund


Circular No. 09:07
ARCS File#: 195-20


February 27, 2009
To: All Chief Administrative Officers, Engineers and Planners
Re: Second Intake - Building Canada Fund

The second intake of the Canada-British Columbia Building Canada Fund Program - Communities Component (BCF-CC) has now been announced. There are two deadlines for submitting project applications online: March 16, 2009 and April 24, 2009. Applications received by March 16, 2009 will be considered during the first round of approvals while applications received by April 24, 2009 will be considered in a subsequent round of approvals.

For this 2009 intake, municipalities may submit only two applications for funding and regional districts may submit only one application per community within their jurisdiction. A community, for the purpose of application to the program, is considered to be a clustered settlement within a regional district electoral area. A community's boundaries may also coincide with a service area boundary (existing or proposed).

Applications not approved from the September 30, 2008 intake, may be rolled over into this 2009 intake by making this request in writing to the appropriate Ministry. This will count toward the limit of applications submitted during the 2009 intake. If you would like your application to be considered for this 2009 intake, please contact the appropriate Ministry staff to discuss how to proceed with your project application:

Ministry of Community Development

Glen Brown by telephone at: 250 387-4067 or by email: or
Liam Edwards by telephone at: 250 356-0218 or by email:

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure:

Doug Harms by telephone at: 250 952-0160 or by email:

Communities with populations less than 100,000 are eligible to apply. Non governmental organizations may submit applications, but before doing so, must obtain a resolution from the local government council or board in support of their application. Applications from non-governmental organizations, such as improvement districts or water utilities, for water and wastewater projects must be made by the local government in which the project is located. If the application is successful in obtaining program funding, the ownership of the infrastructure and associated assets must be transferred to the sponsoring local government.

The 2009 intake will include all project categories of projects, denoted by the Ministry responsible:

Ministry of Community Development

  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater
  • Green Energy Infrastructure
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Collaborative Projects

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Local Road
  • Shortline Rail
  • Short Sea Shipping
  • Tourism
  • Public Transit
  • National Highway System
  • Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Connectivity and Broadband
  • Regional & Local Airports
  • Disaster Mitigation

All applications must be submitted electronically using the online application in the “Shared Information Management System for Infrastructure” (SIMSI), which can be found at:

To be assigned a username and password to access this SIMSI online application, local governments must email a request to the Ministry of Community Development at If you are a non-governmental organization you must contact Ministry of Transportation at Once you sign on to SIMSI, you will be prompted to enter a new password only known to you. Please remember the new password or contact the Ministry of Community Development if you forget.

Please note: before you submit an application on-line, it is critical that you refer to the Provincial Program Guide and Provincial Application Guide Supplements now available on the BCF-CC website. This information will help you complete the application, as well as support the review and ranking of your application.

For further information about this program, please visit the BCF-CC website at

If you need further information about the BCF-CC funding program, please contact the:

  • Ministry of Community Development by telephone: 250 387-4060 or email:
  • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure by telephone: 250 952-0688 or email:


Original signed by:
Glen Brown
Executive Director
Local Government Infrastructure and Finance

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