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LGD: Improvement District Bylaws


Circular No. 09:02
ARCS File#: 195-20


January 22, 2009
To: Boards of Trustees and Corporate Officers
Re: Improvement District Bylaws

Further to Circular 08:24, sent to all improvement districts last month, this is another reminder that on January 1, 2009, certain types of bylaws no longer require registration with the Inspector of Municipalities. However, one certified copy of the bylaws exempted from registration must be filed with the Inspector of Municipalities as soon as possible after it is passed by the trustees.

The main significance of this change is that bylaws exempted from registration become effective on the day they are passed by the Board of Trustees unless the bylaw has a clause making it effective on a future date. This also means that Ministry staff will not be able to provide comments on the bylaw before it comes into effect. Once a bylaw is in effect, it can only be changed if the Board of Trustees passes an amending bylaw or a repeal bylaw. However, Ministry staff is available to provide comments while a bylaw is in the draft stage, if an improvement district is unsure about the provisions that it intends to include in a bylaw.

For an interim period of time, Ministry staff will be monitoring improvement district bylaws submitted for filing to determine if there are any common issues. In order to assist improvement districts to draft bylaws, a series of bylaw drafting tips have been prepared and is attached for your convenience. This information will be integrated into the Improvement District Manual which is being updated and will be reissued later this year.

If you have any questions about the new bylaw process or the wording being considered for a bylaw, please contact your Advisory Officer or Financial Officer. Contact information is available on the Ministry’s website at:

Original signed by:
Deborah Humphrey, B.A., CMA
Financial Officer
Local Government Infrastructure and Finance

Attachment: Bylaw Checklist

Attachment: Bylaw Drafting Tips


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