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Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Guidebook


Circular No. 08:07
ARCS File#: 195-20


February 26, 2008
To: All Municipal and Regional District Chief Administrative Officers, Engineers and Planners
Re: Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Guidebook

The Ministry of Community Services, in partnership with the Community Energy Association, has developed a Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Guidebook to provide local governments with background and assessment methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions. It will enable local governments to:

  • Complete infrastructure grant applications and program reporting requirements regarding greenhouse gas reduction estimations for project works such as required under the LocalMotion, Towns for Tomorrow, and Gas Tax Agreement funding programs;
  • Support their British Columbia Climate Action Charter commitments; and
  • Encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy production and greenhouse gas reduction and planning strategies from a land use and project specific perspective.

This Guidebook has been made available to provide local governments with at least a starting point to further understand how to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to note that at this time, this Guidebook is a living document and will be updated as more resources become available and protocol is developed. As this is an initial version, feedback is appreciated.

Please find this Guide attached, but please note that updated versions will be available at the following grant program websites under "Examples/Best Practices":

Towns for Tomorrow -
LocalMotion -

Original signed by:
Glen Brown
Acting Director
Local Government Infrastructure and Finance

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