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2007 Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program


Circular No. 07:13
ARCS File#: 195-20


May 11, 2007
To: All Local Government Financial Administrators, Engineers and Planners
Re: 2007 Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program

The Infrastructure Planning Grant Program (the Program) offers grants up to $10,000 to help local governments plan, design and manage infrastructure. The Program can assist in the development of plans and studies that will improve public health and safety, enhance environment protection and increase infrastructure sustainability. Funding is available for projects that support improved water, sewer, drainage and other environmental infrastructure. Community energy planning and transportation projects that aim to reduce automobile dependency are also eligible to receive funding.

In addition to selection criteria established by the Province of British Columbia, preference will be given to applications that will lead to eventual capital projects and those that promote innovation, build partnerships, generate transferable knowledge and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Local governments that are involved in proactive infrastructure planning are better prepared to take advantage of capital grant programs. The Program can be used to help develop the long term plans and feasibility studies that are often key to the success of an application to a capital grant program (e.g. Towns for Tomorrow, LocalMotion Fund).

The second round of approvals for the 2007 Program will be based on applications received by August 15. Program documents, including the Program Guide, can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website at:

Local governments are encouraged to submit applications on behalf of organizations such as improvement districts, registered water utilities, or other small water systems if they have been approached by these groups to assist them to benefit from the Program. Please see the Program Guide for more information regarding such partnerships.

Original signed by:
Glen Brown
Infrastructure and Engineering

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