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Free Energy Screening and Modeling Services


Circular No. 07:04
ARCS File#: 195-20


January 16, 2007
To: All Municipal and Regional District Financial Administrators, Engineers and Planners
Re: Free Energy Screening and Modeling Services

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) has retained the Light House Sustainable Building Centre (Light House) to provide up to 90 free building energy screening and modeling services until March 31, 2007. Local governments are encouraged to participate in this initiative when constructing new buildings and refer private developers of multi-unit residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The Ministry of Community Services wanted to make your local government aware of this program as a number of provincial and federal capital grant programs either have objectives, mandatory requirements, contract conditions, and/or selection criteria which support improvements to energy efficiency in new buildings. For example, the Canada-British Columbia Municipal Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) has mandatory screening criteria for Cultural, Recreational, Tourism, and Environmental Energy categories; and contract conditions for approved projects under the Water and Wastewater categories which require:

All new buildings that are over 100 m2 and are identified in the building category of the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (Code) shall exceed the Code’s energy efficiency requirements by at least 25%.

This is consistent with contract conditions for new buildings funded through the B.C. Community Water Improvement Program. Meeting the Code’s energy efficiency requirements by 25% will also support objectives and strengthen an application under the Gas Tax Agreements: General Strategic Priorities Fund and the Innovations Fund; as well as Towns for Tomorrow.

For more information on this initiative or on grant energy requirements, please read the attached informational sheet or contact me at 250 387-4072 or by email at

Original signed by:
Tara Tompkins
Infrastructure Resource Officer
Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Division

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