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Infrastructure &
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New Grant Programs: Towns for Tomorrow, Spirit Squares and LocalMotion Fund


Circular No. 07:03
ARCS File#: 195-20


January 11, 2007
To: All Local Government Financial Administrators, Engineers and Planners
Re: New Grant Programs: Towns for Tomorrow, Spirit Squares and LocalMotion Fund

Last December the Province of British Columbia launched the following three new programs:

  • LocalMotion Fund - $40 million program (over the next four years), to cost-share capital projects with local governments directed at building bike paths, walkways, greenways, improving accessibility for people with disabilities and support programs to get kids playing in communities and parks.
  • Towns for Tomorrow - $21 million program (over the next three years) to small communities and towns with populations under 5,000 people, for cost-shared capital infrastructure projects.
  • Spirit Squares - $20 million in cost-shared capital funding to assist communities in creating and enhancing public outdoor meeting space where they can celebrate their community pride and their community spirit.

Detailed program information is available on the Internet at the addresses listed above. There, you will be able to attain full details of each of the programs, including; full program guides and applications that contain specific program criteria such as eligible applicants, number of applications per eligible applicant, eligible project categories and selection criteria.

Applications are currently being accepted for these programs. The deadline for applications for the three new programs is February 16, 2007. The LocalMotion Fund and Towns for Tomorrow are ongoing programs and will have additional deadlines. Those that have their applications in by this deadline will be considered for the first round of project approvals, currently set for spring 2007.

If you require further information, please visit the appropriate website or contact the Ministry of Community Services, Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Division at 250 387-4060.

Original signed by:
Glen Brown
Acting Director
Infrastructure and Engineering

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