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The Local Government Division


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NEW! 2015 Local Government Statistics


NEW! Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Launched

NEW! Phased Development Agreement Application Process Guide & FAQs (.PDF, 302 KB)

NEW! Local Government Act Revision

NEW! Age-friendly and Disability- friendly OCPs (.PDF, 458 KB)

NEW! 2016 Local Government Tax Rates & Assessments

NEW! 2015 CARIP Summary Report now available (.PDF 665 KB)

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Local Government Statistics

Local Government Elections

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The Division works with a wide range of partners to develop communities with the capacity to manage change and provide quality, affordable service to all British Columbians.

The Division offers a range of programs to serve communities by

Local Government Division Branches:



Governance and Structure


Intergovernmental Relations and Planning


Infrastructure and Finance


Property Assessment Services


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