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Bill Ritchie (1983 - 1986)

Bill RitchieIn 1983, William Ritchie became the 11th Minister of Municipal Affairs (1983-1986). Soon after his appointment, a controversial decision was made to eliminate regional planning. The government argued that such a decision would streamline development regulations, reduce bureaucracy, and empower municipalities. The Opposition and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities were concerned that the result would be uncoordinated and inefficient regional growth. Ritchie also led the establishment of the Provincial-Municipal Partnership Program, which authorized partnership agreements with municipalities in order to provide tax relief to local industries. He also introduced a variable-rate system of property taxes.

Prior to entering politics, Ritchie operated an agricultural business and was a member of the land commission. In 1979, he was elected as the Social Credit MLA for Central Fraser Valley. He was re-elected in 1983, and later sought the leadership of the Social Credit Party.

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