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The Local Government Department (LGD) began in 1934 as the Department of Municipal Affairs. Prior to its inception, municipal affairs were administered by the then Department of the Attorney-General.

Since that time, 33 ministers have been at its helm. Their biographies and terms in office are presented below.

Throughout the biographies the ministers are generally referred to as the Minister of Municipal Affairs; it should be noted, however, that the LGD's ministry has undergone several name changes (see: Evolving Mandates).

Minister / Term   Minister / Term  
Ida Chong
2011 - Present
Ida Chong    
Stephanie Cadieux
2010 - 2011
Stephanie Cadieux Ben Stewart
2009 - 2010
Ben Stewart
Bill Bennett
2009 - 2010
Bill Bennett Kevin Krueger
Kevin Krueger
Blair Lekstrom
2008 - 2009
Blair Lekstrom Ida Chong
2005 - 2008
Ida Chong
Murray Coell George Abbott
2001 - 2004
George Abbott
Jim Doyle Cathy McGregor
Cathy McGregor
Jim Doyle Jenny Kwan
1998 - 1999
Jenny Kwan
Michael Farnworth Dan Miller
1996 - 1997
Dan Miller
Lois Boone Darlene Marzari
1993 - 1996
Darlene Marzari
Robin Blencoe Graham Bruce
Graham Bruce
Lyall Hanson Rita Johnston
1986 - 1989
Rita Johnston
Jack Heinrich Bill Ritchie
1983 - 1986
Bill Ritchie
Jack Heinrich Bill Vander Zalm
1978 - 1982
Bill Vander Zalm
Hugh Curtis Jim Lorimer
1972 - 1975
Jim Lorimer
Dan Campbell Wes Black
1952 - 1964
Wes Black
Alexander Turnbull R.C. MacDonald
1945 - 1952
R.C. MacDonald
Herbert Anscomb A. Wells Gray
1934 - 1944
A. Wells Gray

In addition to the ministers listed above, Liberal MLA Ted Nebbeling played a role in the LGD’s history. From 2001-2003, Nebbeling was the Minister Responsible for the Community Charter.   Ted Nebbeling