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Darlene Marzari (1993 - 1996)

Darlene MarzariIn 1993, Darlene Marzari became the 16th Minister of Municipal Affairs (1993-1996). The centrepiece of her tenure was the 1995 Growth Strategies Statutes Amendment Act, which was designed to help regions accommodate population growth through coordinated planning. The Act aimed to strike a balance between municipal autonomy and regional interests through a framework of mutual respect and dispute resolution. The government also passed Bill 55, which contained amendments to railway assessment and taxation designed to reduce the municipal taxes paid by private railways, including CN and CP Rail. This initiative became a major point of contention between the Province and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and would help spur legislative reform designed to improve and update the relationship between the Province and local governments.

Marzari was the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey. She was elected in 1986 and 1991. Before joining Municipal Affairs, Marzari had been the Minister of Tourism and the Minister Responsible for Culture. She began her political career as a member of Vancouver City Council and was a director of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

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