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Suzanne Veit (1996 - 2001)

Suzanne VeitSuzanne Veit was the 15th deputy minister. Suzanne Veit had a long career in the private and public sector. She earned a graduate degree in social work and ran a consulting firm that focused on social policy in Canada and abroad. As a consultant, she drafted reports such as: Labour Turnover and Community Stability, Women in Mining, and Literature Review: the Socio-Economic Impacts of Pipeline Developments.

Veit began her public service career with the Ministry of Social Services. She later became the deputy minister of Women’s Equality. From 1996-2001, Veit was the deputy minister of Municipal Affairs.

After retiring from government, Veit remained active in several provincial and federal bodies. She chaired the B.C. Medical Services Commission and the Homeowner Protection Office, and served on the board of directors of the Canadian youth program Katimavik.

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