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James Everett (Ev) Brown (1954 - 1970)

James Everett BrownEv Brown was the fourth deputy minister (1954-1970). He studied economics at Victoria College, University of British Columbia and the University of Chicago. Brown began his public service career with the B.C. Bureau of Economics and Statistics. He later became the secretary of the Goldenberg Commission on provincial-municipal relations. Brown then assumed the position of director of B.C. Housing. He joined the Department of Municipal Affairs in 1952 as the supervisor of municipalities. In 1954 Brown was promoted to inspector of municipalities and deputy minister. He served as deputy minister for 15 years until his retirement in 1970. After retirement, Brown served as chair of the B.C. Housing Management Commission. Among his many accomplishments, he is credited with being an architect of the regional district system.

Brown was the department's longest serving deputy. In his final annual report, he spoke of the collaborative effort involved in municipal affairs. He wrote: “to my staff who have so cheerfully and effectively carried out their respective duties and assignments and have been ready on all occasions with their help and advice; to the municipal councils and their staffs for their co-operation and unfailing courtesy; to my associates in the other Departments of Government who have worked with us for the betterment of local government in this Province, I extend my thanks".

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