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Edward Harry Bridgman (1935 - 1945)

Edward Harry BridgmanE.H. Bridgman was the second deputy minister (1935-1945). Bridgman began his involvement in local government with the District of North Vancouver, where he served as an alderman (1910-1914) and mayor (1915-1921). He later became an alderman (1923-1930) and mayor (1931-1932) of the City of North Vancouver. In addition to his local responsibilities, Bridgman twice served as the president of Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM). He is the only deputy minister to have held that position.

Bridgman joined the Department of Municipal Affairs in 1934 as the supervisor of municipalities. In 1935, he became the deputy minister and inspector of municipalities. He served as deputy minister until his death in 1945. In tribute, the new deputy minister, B.C. Bracewell, commented that Bridgman, “…possessed a wealth of municipal knowledge. To the everyday problems he brought a friendly atmosphere which was particularly noticeable in his dealings with municipalities of limited resources. His loss will be keenly felt. He was a good friend to the municipalities and continually sought to foster better municipal relationships in the Province.”

North Vancouver’s Bridgman Park is named in his honour.

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