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Graham Bruce (1991)

Graham BruceWhen Rita Johnston became premier, she chose former North Cowichan mayor Graham Bruce to head Municipal Affairs (1991). Bruce, the 14th minister, held the position for eight months; during this time the government maintained its position that property tax rates should remain at 1990 levels. In the case of Vancouver, emergency powers were granted under its Charter to allow the city to limit increases despite value shifts in assessment classes. Bruce also represented the government at the opening of Municipal House, which operates as a base for local government officials visiting Victoria.

In 1986, Bruce entered provincial politics as the Social Credit representative for Cowichan-Malahat. He returned in 2001 as the Liberal MLA for Cowichan-Ladysmith, and served as the Minister of Skills Development and Labour. He spent 11 years as a councillor and mayor of North Cowichan, and is remembered for his role in the revitalization of Chemainus.

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