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Robin Blencoe (1991 - 1993)

Robin BlencoeRobin Blencoe was the 15th Minister of Municipal Affairs (1991-1993), and only the second NDP politician to hold the position. Blencoe introduced a large package of amendments designed to modernize local government legislation. Some of the major initiatives during his term in office included the establishment of an annual assessment cycle; provisions for affordable housing and density bonusing; and a comprehensive rewrite of local elections legislation, including requirements to disclose election campaign donations and expenditures.

Blencoe began his political career as a Victoria city councillor. He was elected NDP MLA in 1983 and 1986. While in Opposition, Blencoe served as the municipal affairs critic. In 1991, he was elected in the riding of Victoria-Hillside. In addition to leading Municipal Affairs, Blencoe held cabinet portfolios as the Minister of Government Services and the Minister Responsible for Sport and the Commonwealth Games.

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