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Wesley Black (1952-1964)

Wesley BlackWesley Black was the fifth Minister of Municipal Affairs (1952-1964), and the first without local government experience. During his long tenure the Municipal Act (1957) was redrafted, which consolidated a number of previously disparate sections of legislation and modernized the relationship between the Province and local governments. Black was the minister who introduced a private member’s bill to incorporate the UBCM, and set the precedent of ministerial consultation at their annual convention.

Black was the longest serving minister. He was a close friend and colleague of Premier W.A.C. Bennett. He was first elected as part of the “Class of ‘52”, the year that began Social Credit’s long electoral success and governance. From the outset, Black served as provincial secretary and would eventually lead several ministries, including Highways, Health Services, Social Welfare, and Municipal Affairs. He was the MLA for Nelson-Creston for twenty years.

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