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Bill Bennett (2009 - 2010)

Bill BennettIn June 2009, Bill Bennett became the 28th minister. As the Minister of Community and Rural Development, he co-chaired the Local Government Elections Task Force along with Union of British Columbia Municipalities' president Harry Nyce. In May 2010, the Task Force delivered its report, which recommended significant but targeted changes to improve local government elections, especially on campaign finance issues. Bennett also introduced legislation to modernize existing planning and development tools such as phased development agreements; enable the City of Vancouver to provide permissive tax exemptions to non-profit organizations; and focus the Greater Vancouver Regional District on regional governance, rather than local land use responsibility, for the UBC Point Grey campus.

Bennett has been an MLA since 2001, and represents the riding of Kootenay East. Prior to becoming Minister of Community and Rural Development, Bennett served as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, and has served on numerous parliamentary committees. In June 2010, Bennett became the Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

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