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Herbert Anscomb  (1944-1945)

Herbert AnscombIn 1944, Herbert Anscomb became the second minister following the death of Wells Gray (1944-1945). During his year in office the ministry established the Board of Examiners.

Anscomb held several political positions, including Reeve (mayor) of Oak Bay (1925-1927), Mayor of Victoria (1928-1931), MLA (1938-1952) and cabinet minister (1941-1952). He was first elected to the legislature as an Independent, but re-elected as a Conservative. In 1941 he joined the Liberal-Conservative coalition of Premier John Hart and went on to hold several portfolios, including Mines, Trades and Industry; Public Works; Finance; and Municipal Affairs. He also served as deputy premier and led the Conservative Party.

Anscomb was a long-time resident of Oak Bay. The street ‘Anscomb Place’ is named in his honour. 

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