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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction Targets, Policies and Actions

Amendments to the Local Government Act contained in Bill 27, 2008, the Local Government (Green Communities) Statutes Amendment Act are designed to enable local governments to think, plan and build green in ways that meet the unique needs and circumstances of their communities.

The intent of the legislation is to enable communities to take action to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and transition to compact, complete and more energy-efficient communities.

Provisions in sections 877 and 850 of the Local Government Act now require the inclusion of GHG reduction targets, in Official Community Plans (OCP) and Regional Growth Strategies (RGS). In addition, local governments must also include policies and actions which support the GHG reduction targets. Targets, policies and actions are required to be in OCPs by May 31, 2010 and RGSs by May 31, 2011.

In May and June 2009, Ministry of Community and Rural Development (the Ministry) staff delivered a series of workshops in partnership with BC Hydro, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Smart Planning for Communities. The sessions were designed to provide guidance to local governments on steps to develop targets, policies and actions to reduce community-wide GHG emissions.

The workshop presentation, the workshop content materials, as well as other handouts provided as part of the workshop package can be found below. These materials will provide guidance for how local governments can move forward in reducing community-wide GHG emissions.

Guidance Materials:

  • Climate Action Planning Framework a short document which provides steps and links to help communities move forward with climate action planning. (PDF, 108KB)
  • PowerPoint Presentation used to guide the workshops. (PDF, 1.93MB)
  • Targets Workbook used by participants to guide them through the process for setting targets, policies and actions.
    (PDF, 395KB)
  • Sector-specific Indicator List provides potential indicators that can be used when setting targets. (PDF, 118KB)
  • Taking Action on Climate is a compilation of on-the-ground local government examples of climate action activities. (PDF, 361KB)
  • Resource List provides information sources that could be helpful for setting targets, policies and actions. (PDF, 51KB)
  • Contacts List provides Smart Planning for Communities Contacts who are available to provide advice and assistance on the setting targets, policies and actions process. Ministry of Community and Rural Development regional contacts are also listed, and can provide additional information. (PDF, 68KB)


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