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Restructure Grants


The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development provides funding to local governments in a number of different ways. Below is provides a brief outline of the Ministry's grant programs for local government as they relate to restructure.

For more detailed information on funding for local governments please consult the Local Government Grants Act and regulations. Hard copies of these publications may be obtained by contacting Crown Publications at 250 386-4636.

A listing of all conditional and unconditional local government grants offered by the Ministry is also available. A complete listing of grants available to local governments is available from CivicInfo BC.

Restructuring Assistance Program

There are three types of restructuring assistance grants under this program:
Restructure Planning Grants are provided to assist communities wishing to study the implications of municipal incorporation / restructure and to undertake the associated public consultation process. There is a maximum grant of $40,000 per project.
Municipal Restructure Assistance Grants are provided to assist communities which are in favour of incorporation/restructure. The grant amount is based on population. Transitional assistance is also provided to help with police costs where the new or restructured municipality has over 5,000 people. A parallel program from the Ministry of Transportation provides transitional assistance to municipalities who assume responsibility for roads.
Restructure Implementation Grants are provided to assist communities with the implementation of incorporations, restructures, and significant changes in local service structure, such as interim administration or transfer of improvement districts to local government.


For more information: Contact Local Government Structure at
250 387-4054.

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