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British Columbia Resort Associations


A Resort Association is incorporated under the Societies Act for the purpose of delivering a range of promotional services to a Resort Community. These services include activities such as marketing, planning special events, developing signage and acting as a central booking agency for events and accommodations. The Resort Associations Act has provisions that outline the organizational structure of the society and empowers it to charge a levy to its members in order to support the cost of its operations.

The Resort Association as a society is guided by its bylaws and and funded by member levies. This differs from a Business Improvement Area which is a Local Service Area created under the Local Government Act and funded from Local Government taxes.

A Resort Association has a high degree of local control over a resort business promotion scheme. It is accountable to its members and, to a lesser degree, to the Local Government within which it is located.

The Resort Associations Act was previously called the Mountain Resort Associations Act until it was renamed in 2007. At the that time, changes were made to broaden its application to other Resort Communities. In addition, the petition of property owners in the Resort Area is more directly linked to the creation of the Resort Association.

Resort Communities with all types of amenities such as ski hills, hot springs, lakefronts and wineries, or ocean shorelines can benefit from the creation of a Resort Association. The purposes of a Resort Association are to promote, facilitate and encourage the development, maintenance and operation of a Resort Promotion Area. Resort Associations are not directly involved in the operation of a Resort or in the delivery of community services such as fire protection or water systems.

Resort Areas are eligible to form a Resort Association if:

  • the area is within a designated resort region, or
  • the area has alpine ski lift operations, year-round recreational facilities and commercial overnight accommodation, or a person has entered into an agreement with the Provincial Government to develop these amenities, and
  • the establishment of the Resort Promotion Area has been approved by resolution of all Local Governments in which any part of the Resort Area is located; and
  • the approval of the Minister has been obtained.

In order to explain the process for creating Resort Associations, a Quick Reference Guide To Creating A Resort Association (PDF 187KB) has been developed. More detailed information about the establishment process is also provided, including a Resort Associations Creation Checklist.


Contact Information

For more information on resort associations, please contact the Community Relations Branch.


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