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Regional Districts and the Community Charter


The Community Charter provides fundamental powers to municipalities. As these powers replaced provisions in the Local Government Act, it was necessary to enact numerous consequential amendments to the Local Government Act. Further, as many of the Local Government Act provisions applied to both regional districts and municipalities, consequential amendments to the Local Government Act were required to maintain regional district provisions.

For a quick reference to those provisions of the Community Charter that apply to regional districts, please see Regional Districts and The Community Charter: A Pocket Guide (49 KB).

While review of some regional district provisions was required, the consequential amendment process was not the appropriate mechanism to substantively change regional district authority for regulation and service provision.

Consequential Amendments

In reviewing which provisions of the Local Government Act required amendment, and which should be linked to the Community Charter, the ministry was guided by three objectives. These were:
  • ensuring that regional districts continue to function effectively;
  • minimizing confusion for RD local elected officials as to which rules apply; and
  • minimizing confusion for the public.

In addition, the ministry's approach to the consequential amendments was to ensure that the Local Government Act remains the core legislation for regional districts and that Community Charter provisions only apply to regional districts where appropriate.

For example, provisions relating to the conduct of local elected officials and some of the council procedure rules under the Community Charter apply to regional districts. These provisions include:

  • ethical standards, including conflict of interest and gift receiving rules, etc;
  • disclosure of confidential information;
  • disqualification of elected officials;
  • open meeting rules; and
  • elector approval processes, including the alternate approval process.

For text of amendments please see Bill 76 - Community Charter Transitional Provisions, Consequential Amendments & Other Amendments Act 2003

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