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Annual Municipal Meeting


Part 4 Division 5 of the Community Charter requires council to consider the annual municipal report at an annual meeting. At the annual meeting, council must consider submissions and questions from the public.

What is required

Each year, after the annual municipal report has been prepared and released for public inspection, council must consider the report at a public meeting. The meeting may be part of a regular council meeting, a special council meeting or another public meeting.

The meeting must occur at least 14 days after the annual report is released for public inspection but before June 30, and council must give notice of the date, time and place of the meeting in accordance with section 94.

What to consider

Councils may wish to consider the following points when planning for the annual meeting.

Dedicated Meeting
The annual meeting provides an opportunity for elected officials and citizens to review the previous year’s objectives and discuss future goals. The legislation provides that the report may be considered during any advertised public gathering, including a regular council meeting. It is up to council to determine the best option for holding the annual meeting: either as part of a council meeting or as a separate meeting. Keep in mind that the key goal is to facilitate public access to the meeting.

The regular meeting location is appropriate for most council meetings. However, it may not be the best setting for the public and council to review the annual municipal report. The primary purpose of the annual report meeting is to provide a forum to allow citizens to ask questions on the report and other matters. Council may choose a less formal setting, such as a community centre, theatre or a school gymnasium for this meeting.

There is no legislative requirement for council to make a public presentation on the report. However, a presentation from council may add value to the discussion and help to explain the content of the report.

Council and staff may not be able to answer every question that is posed at the annual meeting. Questions that require follow-up should be recorded and answers provided. These can be communicated to the public through a web site, local newspaper, a municipal newsletter or at a subsequent meeting.

Some citizens may be reluctant, even in an informal setting, to ask questions, so councils may want to consider enabling them to submit questions in writing. This also provides an opportunity for the council to prepare responses.

How to proceed

Council will need to decide how it wants to proceed with its annual meeting early enough in the year to make the necessary arrangements. Council may want to obtain public input on the format of the meeting. Based on the input, the council should provide adequate advertising to make the public aware of the time and place of the annual meeting. While the Community Charter requires an advertisement once each week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper distributed at least weekly, council may well consider that more notice in other forms (eg. the municipal website) is appropriate.

Please direct questions or comments to Advisory Services Branch.

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